About Us

PCS Music Scores Ltd., is the production company behind the Christmas Revival project by Steve Brecken; with the aim to create a new and modern album of Christmas songs, which was released on Tuesday 17th November 2015.

studio 2The Composers :

  • Ronald Hutasuhut
  • Johan Halmen
  • Annie Freeman
  • Richard Lawrence
  • Karl Kopczynski.

The score book of these new songs was initially sent to all secondary schools in East Anglia in November 2014, with Steve paying for the printing and sound samples to give free to schools.

These are now available to all schools / choirs as FREE downloads on this website.

The second aim was to have the songs arranged for studio recording.

studio13The Arrangers:

  • Annie Freeman
  • Richard Lawrence
  • Phil Toms.

Singers and instrumentalists from Cambridge where found to record the album of songs; Christmas Revival and named as the Cambridge Backs Singers for the project.

Sessions where recorded at : Headline Music Studios, at Harston, Cambridge.

The album, Christmas Revival, recorded by the Cambridge Backs Singers, once a pipe dream, is now available for everyone to enjoy for 2015.